The Movement


My favorite question to ask people when I see them is, “What can I do for you today?” This may give the impression that I am a ‘know it all”, but it yields the total opposite. That magical question shows the person you have sincere care and concern for their success and that you want to assist them. While you may not have all of the answers or be able to do what they need, it’s ok. The point is making the effort to help them in the capacity that they need help. By doing this, you become memorable and open the doors to not only a new friend but a new ally in your professional efforts!


There are numerous definitions of success. Some say it’s a certain income bracket. Others say it’s how many college degrees you obtain. While both are good measures, they may not be a success to certain people. To most people, success is a destination, but it should be seen as a mindset. If you do not see yourself or think of yourself as a success, you will not achieve whatever goal you have set out for yourself. A success mindset is just as important as the skills needed to achieve your goals. Regardless of what you want to achieve, having a successful mindset and attitude will take you to higher heights


Have you heard the saying, “If you hang with turkeys, you will be a turkey, but if you hang with eagles, you will fly like them.”? That saying is true even in your professional relationships. It is the people around you that help shape you into who you are. If you feel that you are not where you want to be, look at who you are spending the most time around. There’s nothing wrong with friends and family, but if those friends and family are not contributing to your professional bottom line, you may want to not spend so much time around them. I’m not saying get rid of them. I am just saying change the amount of time you spend with them dealing with and discussing your professional endeavors. After doing this, you will not only see a positive change in your personal relationships, but also in your professional endeavors.